Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Returns

Olive Garden announced this week that it will bring back its Never  Ending Pasta Pass from September 25 to November 19. According to Eater,  the $100 cards entitle the holder to eight weeks of unlimited pasta  bowls--plus the requisite soup or salad and breadsticks. 

There are no  limits on how often pass holders can visit. This time around, Olive  Garden is also offering 50 lucky customers--on a first come, first  served basis--the chance to purchase the extra-special Pasta Passes for  $200. Those passes come along with an eight-day trip to Italy for the  purchaser and a guest. 

The 22,000 pasta passes and 50 pasta passports  both go on sale at PastaPass.com on Thursday, September 14, at 2 p.m.  ET.

Source:  Eater.com