Ways to Save $$$$

Everyone wants to be a little better with their money than they  actually are. Seriously, how many of us just spend blindly and hope our  bank accounts don’t reach a certain number? Well luckily, there are  little things you can do every day to make sure you’re on the path of  saving in the long run. 

  • Skip out on your daily coffee run. - Or at the very least, get something a little cheaper like a normal cup of joe instead of your normal frapp mixture.
  • Start painting your own nails. - We love our manicures, but our wallet loves our Essie collection more.
  • Cook your own dinner most nights. - No more Grubhub! It’s so easy and so dangerous.
  • Make your own lunch every day. - Use leftovers from the night before or make something quick in the morning to take with you.
  • Discontinue your cable subscription. - We’re all using Netflix anyway!
  • Stow away a dollar a day. - You’d be surprised how much this can add up.
  • Buy a reusable water bottle and actually use it. - Seriously. No more leaving it on your nightstand to sit until the next day.
  • Drink at home before hitting the bars. - Save money on your bar tab!
  • Go for the generic brands. - They’re cheaper and often do the same exact thing!
  • But certain staples in bulk. - Do you eat lot of granola bars? Buy a ton at a time and save money! 

And remember that Chipotle will still be there in a week when your paycheck actually clears! 

Source: PopSugar