Increase Productivity with These Apps

Now that our lazy summer is behind  us, we’re ready for a fresh start this fall. That means taking care of  business, like the overflowing to-do lists we’ve been building up. But  that’s easier said than done if you’re not really disciplined.  Fortunately, there are all kinds of apps to help you get stuff done,  like the girlboss you are. Here are a few apps to help you conquer the  world, or your messy inbox.

  • Todoist -  It’s hard to keep track of all those pieces of paper you jot your  to-dos down on, so keep them all together with Todoist. This app  organizes you in a minimalist-style format and syncs to all your  devices.
  • Unroll.Me -  Stop wasting time with all those newsletters you don’t read and clean  up your inbox situation with this app. When you sign up it gives you a  list of all your subscriptions and you can stop getting any emails you  no longer want, so you don’t have to unsubscribe from each one  individually.
  • Noisli - This  app lets you play different background noises that can help you be more  productive. You can pick from rain, waves, and even the noise from a  busy coffee shop.
  • Trello - Trying  to manage a bunch of projects at once? Trello can help you keep track  of it all with their organized boards, workflows, and checklists.
  • FocusList - When  you’re really ready to focus, this app will help you create a schedule  and get it done in 25-minute blocks of time, with a five-minute break in  between. And you’ll be amazed how much faster you are without all the  email, text, and social media breaks you normally take.
  • Forest - In  this app, you plant a tree that grows during the time you allotted  yourself to finish a task. If you leave the app, the tree dies, so it  helps you stay on task and over time you can build up a virtual forest  from your hard work. And the best part is that Forest works with the Trees for the Future group that plants real trees with the credits you earn in the app. How’s that for motivation?

Source: Well and Good