How to Free Up Space for iOS 11

We all want space for the new update – hellooo?? New, human  sounding Siri!? Sign me up. But we all have way too many selfies and  plandids clogging up our memory in our iPhones. So what’s a gal to do??  Users need about 4GB of free space for iOS 11 to run smoothly. Here’s what you can do to make sure you have room for the new update and all of its features:


  • Delete old texts - Why do you still have your text chain with that guy from Tinder you never ended up meeting up with? Get rid of it!
  • And stop saving them forever - You’re not going to need to look back on old texts often enough to keep them around.
  • Toss those old photos - I’m sure there are a ton of selfies back in the depths of your camera roll you can get rid of.
  • Change your image saving settings. - Undo the “keep normal photo” toggle in HDR settings.
  • Quit the photo stream. - Who knows how many of your pictures you ACTUALLY need on the stream??
  • Clear your cache - Settings to Safari to clear history and website data. You’d be surprised how much space it clears up.
  • Remove downloaded podcasts. - You’ve listened to them once, are you really going to listen again?
  • Delete songs - Unless you REALLY listen to them, maybe consider getting rid of some of the baggage.


You’ll feel so much better when your phone clutter is all cleared up.  It’s like purging your real items, but it’s purging your phone space!