TV & Snacking Go Hand in Hand

The new fall TV season is upon us and apparently a lot of folks just  can’t seem to watch their favorite programs without having snacks to get  them through it.

A new survey finds that the average American watches about 11 hours  and 23 minutes of TV a week, with 96% of those people admitting they  like to have a snack while doing so. And it seems certain snacks are  preferred for certain types of shows.

According to the poll, popcorn is the preferred snack for both  fantasy shows, like “Game of Thrones,” and political comedies like  “Veep.” Meanwhile, emotional dramas like “This Is Us” pair better with  ice cream, while chips are the go-to snack for reality shows like “The  Bachelor” and “Dancing with the Stars,” as well as dramas like  “Scandal.”

Millennials, meanwhile, seem to really love popcorn, and many of them  are so passionate that they have found unique ways to consume it. For  example:

  • 30% tip their bag of popcorn and pour it into their mouth
  • 64% lick their fingers after they are done snacking on popcorn
  • 31% eat un-popped kernels and crumbs
  • 65% say "I've eaten popcorn I picked off my clothes"
  • 40% confess "I've eaten popcorn that I found on the couch/chair I was sitting in"

Source: GH Cretors