Wedding Bouquet Ideas Without Flowers

When it comes to your wedding day, no bride wants her ceremony and  reception to look just like everyone else’s. And one way some are  choosing to break tradition and stand out is with their bouquets.  Non-floral bouquets are trendy these days; here are some of the most  original ones we’ve heard about.

  • Donuts - This sugary snack is trendy, so why not  make a wedding bouquet out of them? Plus, if you get hungry during the  wedding, the bridesmaids have you covered.
  • A metal masterpiece - Why carry flowers when you can carry a piece of art? Creative brides can find small metal sculptures that are inspired by a floral bouquet and look classy with a modern twist.
  • Paper flowers - When you love the look of flowers but want something that’ll last longer, paper flowers  could be way to go. They can be made from newspaper, sheet music, or  pages from a favorite book to make them even more personal.
  • Brooches - Brides can borrow brooches from family members to build the brooch bouquet  with and carry part of the family down the aisle with her. These  jeweled pins make a stunning bouquet, but you’re not going to want to  toss this one.
  • Seashells - This one would be perfect for a coastal  theme or a destination wedding and the bouquet could be made with  shells you find yourself for a personal touch.
  • Pinecones - For a fresh look that’s not floral, pinecones and leaves make a lovely natural bouquet.
  • Buttons - Making this would take some time, but all kinds of crafty types make and sell them online so busy brides don’t have to. Button bouquets are colorful and fun without being over the top.
  • Rescue puppies - Instead of flowers, some brides have opted for having everyone walk down the aisle carrying puppies. And this has to be the cutest bouquet of all time.


Source: Elite Daily