Punta Cana Airport Getting a Pool

There are few things worse than having to pack up your bikini  and  head to the airport after a beach vacation. Well, one Caribbean  destination has come up with a way to extend that vacation just a bit  longer.

Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana airport is currently building a pool at the airport. That’s right, local architect Antonio Segundo Imbert has designed the swimming hole, due to open in December, which will overlook an area with parked planes.

Of course not everyone will be able to enjoy a dip before heading on  to their flight or it would be total chaos. Instead, it will be part of a  VIP lounge open to first and business class passengers, as well as club  members and elite traveler pass holders. But the public can get a taste  of the pool if they are willing to shell out some dough. The airport  plans to charge regular passengers $125 per person for the day, with  discounts for larger parties.

Source: New York Post