Countries Warning Citizens Not to Travel to US

In the wake of Sunday night's Las Vegas shooting and multiple hurricanes  across the United States and its territories, several countries are  warning its citizens to avoid traveling to the U.S. unless it's  absolutely necessary. The United Kingdom's foreign travel advice page  says that terrorists are "very likely to try to carry out attacks in the  USA" and urges people to avoid Las Vegas. 

Ireland echoes those  sentiments. Meanwhile, Germany lists "frequent political demonstrations"  and "politically motivated violence" as reasons to be vigilant while  traveling in America. It also points out that "in the U.S. it is  comparatively easy to get possessions of weapons." Canada cautions its  people to "avoid non-essential travel to the Florida Keys and Naples due  to damage caused by Hurricane Irma." Australia cites both Hurricanes  Maria and Irma, as well as the fact that "mass shootings continue to  occur in public places." 

Source:  NY Daily News