Top Alexa Requested Songs

Amazon has released a new chart of the top singles requested by  forgetful music fans. Gathering data from users who ask the  voice-assistant device, "Alexa,  play the song that goes...," the company has compiled a list of the Top  50 Alexa Lyrics. 

The top slot on the list is held by a pop hit  currently enjoying radio play: Fitz and the Tantrums' "Handclap,"  designated by the lyrics users often search for: "I can make your hands  clap." The list also includes much older hits like Steppenwolf's "Born  to Be Wild" ("head out on the highway") and songs with lesser-known  titles like The Who's "Baba O'Reilly" ("teenage wasteland"). The top 10  lyric requests in the U.S. are listed below (click on link for full  list):

  • "I can make your hands clap" - Fitz and the Tantrums, "Handclap"
  • "head out on the highway" - Steppenwolf, "Born to Be Wild"
  • "I got this feeling inside my bones" - Justin Timberlake, "Sunshine in My Pocket"
  • "I came in like a wrecking ball" - Miley Cyrus, "Wrecking Ball"
  • "true love won't desert you" - Journey, "Separate Ways"
  • "once I was seven years old" - Lukas Graham, "7 Years"
  • "I'm a rebel just for kicks" - Portugal. The Man, "Feel It Still"
  • "swish swish bish" - Katy Perry, "Swish Swish"
  • "I got sunshine in my pocket" - Justin Timberlake, "Sunshine in My Pocket"
  • "standing in the hall of fame" - The Script featuring, "Hall of Fame"