Extensive Smartphone Gaming Causes Student to Temporarily Go Blind

You know how your mom didn't want you sitting close to the TV "because it'll hurt your eyes?" Meet 21-year-old accounting student Wu Xiaojing, who reportedly went blind in one eye after gaming for 24-hours on her smartphone. Wu says that gaming is her only hobby and admits to spending hours glued to her phone, often beginning her day at 6:30am and ending at 2:00am.

In this case, our gamer says she noticed the light dimming in her vision, but was able to get to the hospital before she lost sight completely in one eye. Doctors have since diagnosed her with retinal artery occlusion and get this - the prognosis is even dimmer, with “useful vision” returning in only 20 to 35% of patients.

So will she recover? Docs aren't sure - but this should serve as a warning - remember to look up from your smartphone, kids - there's a whole world out there!

Source: New York Post