Serial Killer Paitings Up for Grabs

What the Hell

What the Hell

In the market for a new piece of art? Have no fear of bad vibes? You're in luck. Multiple paintings by famous serial killer John Wayne Gacy Jr. are going up for auction.

What could be even more off-putting than the signature on the pieces? Well, most of the art is paintings of clowns, including self portraits of Gacy as his alter-ego, Pogo the Clown.

Other pieces of murder memorabilia will be up for grabs at the UK auction scheduled for this weekend. It turns out Gacy, who was given a lethal injection back in 1994 after killing at least 33 teenage boys, wasn't the only killer artist. Artwork by the Cleveland Strangler Anthony Sowell, who murdered 11, will also be available. A handwritten letter from Ted Bundy is part of the collection as well.

Source: Metro