Sitting At Work Could Cause Consumption of Extra 100K Calories Per Year

Sitting at an office job from nine to five tends to make us feel really hungry. Well, maybe not so much hungry as just wanting to eat all the time. Maybe it’s boredom, maybe it’s all the tempting treats in the office break room, but whatever you call it, it leads to us eating lots of extra calories.

Just how many? According to a new survey from Dutch food brand Kallø, the average woman consumes a whopping 100,000 extra calories at work every year. So basically, we’re eating about 50 extra days’ worth of food a year. To put it a different way – that’s almost two months, ladies!

The survey finds that the average woman will eat 135 cookies, 90 pieces of cake, 90 bags of candy and 45 doughnuts a year. It might not seem like it when you’re innocently enjoying a slice of cake every other week for a coworker’s birthday, but all those treats really add up.

Fridays are the day women are the most relaxed about what they’re eating, followed by Monday. And hey, we’ve all been there - when you need a little pick-me-up to deal with the start of the work week. But maybe it’s time to stash some healthy snacks in our desk drawer, because 100,000 calories of work treats is way too many!

Source: Cosmopolitan