Oprah Visits Bank for First Time Since 1988

Oprah Winfrey revealed on Ellen Tuesday that she recently visited  a bank for the first time since 1988 so she could deposit a whopping $2  million check. After Ellen asked Oprah for her ATM PIN number during a  round of "Ellen's Burning Questions," a flummoxed Oprah replied, "I  don't have one...When's the last time you went to the bank, Ellen?"  

Oprah then addd, "I went to the bank recently because I hadn't been to  the bank since 1988." "What did you go to the bank for?" Ellen asked.  Oprah replied without missing a beat, "To deposit a million dollars...I  just wanted to go there just to do it. Just to see." She added  gleefully, "I stood in line! Just to do it! It felt fantastic!" She then  deadpanned with a sigh, "Actually, it was $2 million."

Source:  Page Six