Now You Can Buy a Tiny House Online

Have you ever watched one of those “Tiny Homes” shows on HGTV and  seriously considered the idea of getting into on? Well the possibility  just became a whole lot easier because now you can actually buy your own  tiny house on Amazon!

Yep, the online retailer is now selling a MODS International prefab  tiny home, that you can buy online and have delivered to your front  door. The 320-square-foot house is made from a new shipping container  and comes insulated, has heat and AC, and it’s fully furnished, too.

It’s not much space, but it has everything you need: a bedroom, a  kitchenette, basic appliances, a shower, living area, toilet and sink.  And it seems pretty reasonably priced at $36,000. Unfortunately, you’ll  have to pay $4,500 for shipping since it’s not covered by 2 day Prime.