Bull Lose in Brooklyn's Prospect Park

Young bull in Las Ventas, Madrid

Young bull in Las Ventas, Madrid

Not many things will make a New Yorker bat an eyelash, but a bull running through Brooklyn's Prospect Park? That's unusual. 

It's unclear where exactly the animal came from, but it spent hours  traipsing around Brooklyn. According to onlookers, however, the steer  wasn't thrilled to be there. "The energy around the cow was one of  panic, obviously, because there it was on the highway,"  one witness describes. "It seemed like an animal willing to do anything  to get somewhere. It was really kind of heartbreaking. ... It really  looked like it was on a mission, like it really wanted to get out of  there."

This story has a happy ending for the bull. New Jersey's Skylands Animal Sanctuary is taking him in. 

Source: DNAInfo