Florida Couple's Amazon Package Comes with Free Weed

Is this a "prime" example of Amazon's customer service going to "pot?"  An engaged couple in Florida found themselves in a "sticky" situation  recently when they ordered some plastic storage bins from the e-commerce  giant and wound up receiving 65 pounds of marijuana. "We love Amazon  and do a lot of shopping on Amazon," the couple, who wished to remain  anonymous, told a local news outlet. 

"We were still pretty fearful our  home would be broken into and we didn't sleep there for a few days." The  weed, which was sent from Amazon's Warehouse Deals via UPS from a  Massachusetts facility, has a street value as high as $190,000.  Meanwhile, the couple--which quickly turned the weed over to  police--claims they spent more than a month trying to reach a resolution  with Amazon, but were given only a $150 gift card and never got to  speak to a supervisor. 

"There was no concern for a customer's safety,"  the couple says. "I mean, this could have turned into a worst-case  scenario." Hey, Amazon: That's definitely not very "kind" of you, "bud."

Source:  Gizmodo