Top Earning Dead Celebrities of 2017

The King of Pop might be dead, but he makes a lot more money than most  celebrities who are still above ground. To wit, for the fifth year in a  row, Michael Jackson tops Forbes’ list of the highest-earning dead celebrities of the past 12 months. The top 10 are below: 

  1. Michael Jackson, $75 million 
  2. Arnold Palmer, $40M 
  3. Charles Schulz (Peanuts creator), $38M 
  4. Elvis Presley, $35M 
  5. Bob Marley, $23M 
  6. Tom Petty, $20M 
  7. Prince, $18M 
  8. Dr. Seuss, $16M 
  9. John Lennon, $12M 
  10. Albert Einstein, $10M

Source:  Forbes