What's Really in Oreo's Cream Filling

Have you ever wondered what actually goes into an Oreo's delicious cream  filling? Here's a hint: not cream. According to Extra Crispy, there is a  reason why Oreo uses the word "creme" to describe its white center of  the packaging. That's because there's no dairy in the "creme." 

Without  dairy, the FDA won't let the company spell it the normal way. In the  '90s, the company started using partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.  The official recipe isn't available, but based on the ingredients list,  the creme appears to include sugar, high fructose corn syrup, soy  lecithin, artificial flavor, and palm and/or canola oil. 

The recipe  might also include titanium dioxide, a chemical whitening agent that  studies suggest may be a carcinogen. Bon appétit!

Source:  Extra Crispy