Adele Turns Down 1.3 Million Dollar Offer to Stay Home

While some stars have no problem accepting big paychecks to perform at private gigs, Adele  has better things to do, like, garden. According to the UK press, the  singer has turned down offers of as much as $1.3 million to perform in  the Middle East because she’d rather spend time at home.

Australian singer Guy Sebastian was the one who  spilled the beans on Adele’s lavish offers to perform in front of Arab  billionaires, telling the “Daily Star,” “I was with Adele’s agent and  two gigs offered her a $1.3 million deal to perform. Her agent said:  ‘Nah, she’s not doing it. She’s busy gardening this week.’” He added,  “Adele is often weeding these days.”

Of course it’s not like Adele needs the money. She’s reportedly worth  $174.5 million, and was recently named the UK’s richest celebrity under  30.

Source: New York Post