Guy Tries to Pass GF's Mutilated Body as Life Size Doll

What the Hell

What the Hell

Guy Tries To Pass Mutilated Girlfriend’s Body  Off As A Life-Size Doll-A  Florida man is in custody after telling police the mutilated body of  his girlfriend was actually just a blow-up doll made of flesh.

It’s kind of no surprise that Jerome Wright  was arrested Saturday at his Miami home. His mom reported a terrible  smell in their. Officers went into Wright's room and found the  decomposing body of DeAnna Clendinen in the closet, her abdomen slashed open and her organs removed. Those were found in a trash can outside.

Wright denied there was a body in the closet, just a life-size doll  made of human flesh. He reportedly told officers that whatever they  found in his room wasn't real. Wright told police he hadn't seen the  woman in five months. So far Wright hasn't been charged with murder, but  police continue to investigate.

Source: Miami Herald