Weight Watchers Introduces Plan Friendly Wine

Nobody said losing weight is easy. Cutting back on calories can force  people to give up some of their favorite foods, and as much as we’d  like to think liquid has no calories, often times it means cutting back  on our favorite wine as well. Now you can kid yourself that wine is  fruit because it’s made out of grapes, but if you’re honest you know  drinking too much vino can sabotage your diet plan, but that may not be  the case for much longer, thanks to Weight Watchers.

In case you missed it, the weight loss company is introducing a new  low-calorie Sauvignon Blanc, called Cense. The white wine will be lower  in sugar and calories than regular whites, with a five-ounce class only  85 calories, instead of 120. It will also be lower in points for Weight  Watchers members. Instead of the usual four points for a five-ounce  glass, Cense is only three. Another positive, or negative, depending on  how drunk you like to get, Cense will also contain less alcohol, around  9.6% by volume, as compared to the usual 11 to 13.5%.

If this all sounds interesting to you, you can pick up a bottle of Cense online, or in Kroger stores. They sell for about $13.99 a bottle.

Source: Yahoo