Woman Puts Lost Cat on Tinder



When Katie Alsop’s beloved cat, Peanut, went  missing, she was devastated and did all the things pet owners know to do  to help get their fur babies back. She posted on Facebook, called local  vets, and even knocked on doors in her neighborhood to see if anyone  had spotted her orange cat. But then this British woman did something  really clever - she put Peanut on Tinder and that’s actually how she  found him!

“I wanted to reach as many people as possible, locally, and grab  their attention,” Alsop explains. “So I just realized Tinder would be  great.”

She included a photo of herself with Peanut, so no one would think  she was catfishing them, then she swiped right on every person who came  through her feed. Alsop even paid to promote her profile to more users  in the area, to up her chances of finding someone who had seen the cat.

And it worked! Within 30 minutes of posting Peanut’s profile, Alsop had 400 Tinder matches and her first lead. A guy named Charlie  saw Peanut in his yard, the feline’s identity was verified by his blue  glitter collar. Peanut ran off before she could get him, but after a  week of leaving trails of food leading home, the cat came back. And that  has to be one of the happiest endings Tinder ever had a hand in.

Source: Babble