Hundreds of Strangers Celebrate Boys Birthday after No Classmates RSVP'd

More than 200 strangers recently threw a massive birthday party for a  young boy with autism after no one from his kindergarten class responded  to his invitations. According to People, Lisa Schramel planned to celebrate her son Mathias’ 6th birthday by taking him and his friends to see Thor: Ragnarok  in theaters. However, she needed 10 kids to commit in order to rent the  theater out, and not a single person RSVP’d. 

When Schramel vented about  the situation on Facebook, dozens of people said they would love to  celebrate Mathias. The result was a party at the Alameda Zoo, where the  strangers showed up to share pizza and presents with the birthday boy.  “The fact that a community would stop what they’re doing to go to a  little boy’s birthday that they don’t know…it was really beautiful,”  Schramel says.

Source:  People