Donkeys Spend Hours in Indian Jail

In India, not even donkeys are above the law. A group of eight  jackasses - the four-legged kind - were put in jail for four days after  they ate over $77-hundred worth of plants that were supposed to go  outside of the jailhouse. 

According to authorities, they warned the donkeys' owner, identified as Kamlesh,  not to let them loose but he did anyone, so they were apprehended. The  cops forgot to let the owner know, though, so he spent hours trying to  find the animals. 

The donkeys were only released after their owner got a local  politician involved. "They were confined for four days to teach their  owner a lesson," police add. "We let go of the animals after Kamlesh  gave us a written statement that from now on he will not allow his  animals to roam in residential areas or places of public importance."

Source: Metro