Elf on Shelf Survives Surgery after Dog Attack

A Florida nurse manager recently woke up to the sound of her daughter  screaming in horror after discovering that the family's Germany Sheperd  had mauled their Elf on the Shelf. Fortunately, Jenn Thelen's co-workers  at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando were there to  save 7-year-old Aubrie's elf. A hilarious video that's gone viral shows  the elf, named Sam, being wheeled into the emergency room. 

"We've got an  amputation on the right arm, we've got a cut on the left arm," a nurse  announces as Sam is prepped for surgery. The hospital wrote on Facebook  that the "surgery" was performed on the elf using expired  medical products and a "special" pair of gloves. "Aubrie knew that the  elf could not be touched ,but Jenn told her that the 'magic gloves'  would allow the team to work on Sam," the post explained. It went on to  note that the stuffed toy was sprinkled with glitter and sent home after  being repaired. "Sam is now back on his shelf and mom will definitely  make sure that he is out of Zoey’s reach," it concluded. 

Source:  UPI/Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children