Scientists to Research Marijuana to Treat Dogs

Researchers are interested in using medical marijuana to treat dogs with anxiety, osteoarthritis and epilepsy. In fact, some veterinarians are already offering oils and powders containing CBD (a non-psychoactive component of marijuana) to treat these conditions in dogs. However, there's still little data on how well they work or if they have harmful side effects. 

That's because the FDA is standing in the way of clinical trials and is warning companies that they're violating laws by offering "unapproved new animal drugs." But Michael Whitehair, the board chairman of the American Veterinary Medical Association, says they are trying to have the barriers removed. "The concern our membership has is worry about people extrapolating their own dosages, looking to medicate their pets outside the realm of the medical professional," he tells the AP. "This is an important reason for us to continue the research."

Source:  AP