Dogs Are Better at Reading Our Emotions then Us Theirs

Dogs are much better at reading our moods than we are at understanding  theirs, according to new research from University College London.  Researchers say that people's tendency to view and treat their dog in a  similar manner to a young child leads them to misinterpreting its  reactions. "You look at photographs of dogs being hugged by people and  the dogs show objective signs of distress," cognitive neuroscience  professor Sophie Scott notes, citing a study from earlier this year. 

"It  provokes anxiety in them: as an animal, they want to be able to move  freely. And pretty much everyone's reaction to this was: 'Well, I don't  think that's my dog.' It was a very good example of this  asymmetry." Dogs, on the other hand, view their owners as they would the  alpha animal in a wild pack. Hence, they pay closer attention to the  pack leader's body language and are able to tell when they are upset.  

The study concludes that the emotional intelligence of dogs is severely  underestimated. 

Source:  The Times UK