Vet Finds 21 Pacifiers in Shar-Pei's Stomach

An Oklahoma  veterinarian made a shocking discovery recently when a family brought in  their sick Shar-Pei. According to Oklahoma City's KOKH-TV, the  4-year-old pup had 21 pacifiers in its stomach. The dog had been  vomiting and losing weight, and after "Dovey" vomited up a pacifier, the  family began to think they had solved their newborn's recent "missing  binkie dilemma." 

An x-ray at the Gentle Care Animal Hospital suggested  Dovey had swallowed 7-9 pacifiers, but when Dr. Chris Rispoli performed  surgery, he ended up removing 21. "In 20 years, this is the craziest  surgery I've ever done." he admitted.

Source:  UPI