Biggest Party States in US

While you may think of New York and New Orleans as big party cities, a  new report reveals that there are folks in other cities that are  actually doing a bit more partying.

Evite has just come out with their annual list of the Top Ten Party  Cities in the U.S., basing their calculations on the number of events  planned throughout the year, and topping the list, believe it or not, is  Houston, Texas.

Houston landed the top spot, with 57,268 events planned in 2017. Of  course it may have helped that the Super Bowl took place in Houston this  year, but who knows?

Top Ten Party Cities in the U.S.

  1. Houston - 57,268
  2. Austin - 52,364
  3. Chicago - 51,506
  4. Atlanta - 47,023
  5. San Diego - 44,660
  6. Seattle - 39,974
  7. San Jose - 37,275
  8. New York - 35,321
  9. Denver - 34,162
  10. Dallas - 33,932

Source: Biz Journals