Top Paying Jobs of 2017

While we’d all love to say that we chose our careers solely for the  love of what we do,  for a lot of people, deciding what they want to do  in life comes down to one thing – money. There’s no doubt if making  money is your main objective in finding a job there are certain careers  that will give you a better shot at bringing in the big bucks. So, which  are the higest paying jobs out there? 

Well,  CareerCast has just come out with their annual list of the 10  highest paying jobs of the year. And as you can imagine, many of them  will involve a lot of schooling before someone will say “you’re hired.”  In fact, most of the Top Ten jobs require some form of doctoral or other  post-graduate degree. Yikes.

Topping the list this year is surgeon, which has an annual average  salary of $409,665. Want a high-paying job that doesn’t require a  doctoral certification? Well that would be Petroleum Engineer, which  ranks at number seven, with an annual salary of $128,230. As for the  only job to make the Top Ten that required a minimum of a bachelor’s  degree, that would be Air Traffic Controller, with an annual median  salary of $122,410.

 Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs for 2017

  1. Surgeon - $409,665
  2. Orthodontist - $208,000
  3. Psychiatrist - $194,740
  4. General Practice Physician - $190,490
  5. Senior Corporate Executive - $181,210
  6. Dentist - $153,900
  7. Petroleum Engineer - $128,230
  8. Podiatrist - $124,830
  9. Air Traffic Controller - $122,410
  10. Pharmacist - $122,230

Source: Market Watch