Christmas Story Lego House Needs Your Vote

When Jason Middaugh and his family set out to  recreate the house from the movie “A Christmas Story” using Legos, they  had no idea what they were getting into. The small family project ended  up taking six months to complete. It turns out, finding all of the 2,000  pieces required to finish the house based on the holiday film wasn’t as  easy as they thought. But after scouring the Internet, the Marcellus,  New York family got what they needed.

The Middaughs even included other details from the movie, including the character Ralphie  - wearing the bunny suit, of course, as well as a shipping container  marked “fragile.” And no “A Christmas Story” house would be complete  without the notorious leg lamp, so they have one of those, too.

This finished house is so impressive, the Middaugh family is  campaigning to have it become an official Lego set! Lego reviews  considers ideas when 10,000 people support a plan on their site. So far  the Middaughs have 9,657 and counting, so they’re almost there.

Want to vote for this Lego project? Give your support by clicking here.

Source: New York Post