Woman's Toys for Tots Shopping Trip Inspires More Giving

When Erica Donovan  won a $3,000 Disney voucher through work, she could’ve used it on  anything in the Disney universe, from a Disney cruise to a stay at one  of their resorts. But she decided to use it at The Disney Store and had a  shopping spree buying stuffed animals, dress up outfits, and such for  Toys for Tots.

While she was shopping, another  shopper was inspired by Donovan’s generosity, so she bought a bag of  toys to donate to the cause. And other people shopping that day also  added to the collection for kids when they heard about Donovan’s  mission. She was able to buy 272 gifts for Toys for Tots on that trip,  but it wasn’t over yet.

When the higher ups at The Disney  Store heard about her donation, they matched the amount and gave her  another $3,000 for Toys for Tots. And when Donovan went back to spend  it, the Westfarms Mall, in Connecticut, where she had been shopping  kicked in $3,000 and Lego added $3,000 more. In total, this kindness  contagion gave Donovan $13,000 to spend on Toys for Tots, which will  make a lot of little ones happy this holiday!

Source: Babble