Woman Find for Reading Her Husbands E-mails

What the Hell

What the Hell

A woman in Switzerland knew something was up when she noticed her husband had set up a second email account on their shared home computer. The spouses had always told each other their passwords, even writing them down, so the unnamed wife signed in to her hubby's new email account.That's when the woman discovered her husband had been carrying on multiple affairs for some time. 

She confronted him and he moved out...then hit her with a criminal complaint for reading his emails.The judge sided with the husband and fined the woman $14-thousand-400 for her "unauthorized intrusion into her husband’s data." 

It didn't help that her search history prior to logging in showed that she had googled whether doing so would make her liable for prosecution.Either way, the woman's team appealed the verdict because since the couple shared passwords, the defendant technically didn't hack in to the account. The court upheld the ruling, but did lower the penalty.

Source: The Local