Work Habits We Should Borrow from Europeans

As Americans, we have some unhealthy work habits. We work through our  vacation days and wolf down lunch at our desks in an effort to be the  best we can at our jobs. But maybe we can be good at our jobs without  burning ourselves out all the time? Here are the work habits we could stand to steal from the Europeans: 

  • Set limits – Employees in the European Union can’t work more than 48 hours a week. Give yourself a more reasonable work schedule.
  • Take your vacation days – Don’t work through them like you did last year. We get the fewest vacation days anyway, so we might as well use them!
  • Work less to be more productive – 2015 showed that  nine of the ten most productive countries were in Europe, and they work  less hours than Americans! Stop burning the candle at both ends!
  • Time off doesn’t have to mean vacation – If you have days off, it can be just as rewarding to take a day for yourself or volunteer somewhere.
  • LEAVE the office – Give yourself a generous lunchbreak and actually step away from your desk to do it.

 Getting back on the grind after the holiday break, it’s easy to get  burnt out. Take some tips from the Europeans and give yourself healthier  working habits!!

 Source: Insider