Duck Gets Prosthetic Leg Thanks to Students

A duck in Arkansas is getting a  new lease on life thanks to some smart students at Armorel High School.  Peg the duck only has been getting by with only one leg, but the  eighth-grade science students used a 3D printer to create a prosthetic  for him.

Peg’s owner, Patsy Smith, says that  she found Peg shortly after he hatched and a turtle had chewed off his  foot. She was searching for a way to help Peg, an eight-month-old Indian  runner duck, and when the students heard about it, they were happy to  help.

Alicia Bell, director of the school’s  environmental and spatial technology lab, says it took around 30 tries  for three students to build the best leg for Peg. But they got it right  and now Smith says he runs and walks like a normal duck.

Source: Fox 6 Now