Making To Do List Could Help You Sleep Better

Are you someone who just can’t get your mind to relax when it’s time to fall asleep? Well, according to a new study, you may have a better shot at actually getting some sleep if you make a to-do list before hitting the sack.A study out of Baylor University split 57 university students into two groups, with both groups asked to take five minutes before bed to make a list. 

One group was tasked with writing a list of all the things they had get done in the day or days ahead, while the other had to write a list of what they completed the previous day. Both groups were told to go to bed right after making their lists.Interestingly, the group who made the to-do list wound up falling asleep nine minutes faster than the other group. 

Researchers note that more testing needs to be done since this was such a small group, but it is believed that while some may think making the to-do list could trigger more worry, and keep people up, it actually may “offload” those concerns, resulting in less worry and a better shot at sleep.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution