Car Crashes into Second Floors and Stays There

What the Hell

What the Hell

Some say drugs are bad, some say drugs can make you feel like you’re  flying. Unfortunately, one unlucky driver got the worst of both worlds.  Authorities claim a California man had been using drugs when his  speeding car lost control and flew into the second story of a building.

They say the car hit a median divider, which plummeted the car right  into the second- floor dental office. The even weirder part is that the  car got lodged in there and rescuers had to extinguish a small fire  while extracting one of the occupants.

The bright side is no one was seriously injured in this recipe for  disaster. “The driver who admitted to using narcotics, will be admitted  to a local hospital for observation,” a fire authority says in a  statement. Police are pursuing a DUI charge against the driver. Check out the pic and surveillance video from the wreck below.

Source: The Orange County Register