City in Japan Uses Emergency Alert to Retrieve Deadly Blowfish

What the Hell

What the Hell

City officials in Japan used an emergency loudspeaker to recall four  packages of blowfish meat after a fifth contained the fish’s deadly  liver. The loudspeaker is mainly used in emergency situations like  earthquakes and other disasters, but the blowfish meat was just as life  threatening.

Five packages of the meat were sold in the city and only one  contained the liver. The rest were recalled after realizing the others  could be contaminated. Health authorities found that the store the five  packages were sold from had been selling the liver of a specific  blowfish for years with no health problems reported.

The fish, known as fugu, is naturally an expensive winter delicacy,  but requires a license to prepare because of the dangers of mishandling.  The liver of the fish is mostly toxic and banned from being sold. The  good news is, no one has died, so it’s a good sign that officials have  contained the toxic meat.

Source: CBS News