Funeral Home Cremates Wrong Body

A Nova Scotia funeral home presented a grieving family with two wrong bodies--and then informed them that their loved one had accidentally been cremated. "It's just like a horror story," one family member tells CBC News. Sandra Bennett died on December 25 at age 65 after a lengthy illness. The family brought the body to Serenity Funeral Home and scheduled an open-casket viewing for the following week. However, upon their return, Bennett's husband pointed out that the body in the casket was of a woman he'd never seen before. 

The funeral parlor acknowledged the mistake and wheeled in another body wearing Bennett's clothes. But that wasn't Bennett either. It was then that the staff realized they had mistakenly cremated Bennett's body. Meanwhile, the son of one of the woman shown to Bennett's family says that his mother wanted to be cremated but was embalmed instead. An investigation by the Nova Scotia Board of Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors is underway.

Source:  Vice

WHAT!!!!!  WHAT!!!!!  How is this possible.  Can you imagine being the poor family that didn't want their loved one cremated?  I know accidents happen in all industries, but this is a big one.  We once had a funeral home forget to coordinate with the minister and we thought that was bad.