Pink Kit Kats Have Arrived

Just when you thought you’d seen all the millennial pink  everything, now even Kit Kats come in the light rose color. Candy maker  Nestlé is using that brand-new "Ruby" chocolate that was invented last fall for their new treats and they’re the perfect color for Valentine’s Day.

The pink Kit Kat is officially called the Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime  Ruby and it gets its color and subtle berry flavor from the Ruby cocoa  bean, so no added coloring or flavoring is used to create it. This makes  this the first product to be sold using this “fourth” kind of  chocolate, after milk, dark, and white chocolates.

Sadly, we can’t run out to Target and pick up these millennial pink  goodies, Like a lot of fun Kit Kat flavors, they’re only being sold in  Japan and South Korea for now. But starting in February, we can order them online. And that means we could get them in time for Valentine’s Day after all.

Source: Cosmopolitan