Grumpy Cat's Owners Win $710,000 Lawsuit

Grumpy Cat (real name: Tardar Sauce) was awarded $710,000 in a copyright  case by a California federal court this week. According to The Chicago Tribune,  Grumpy Cat Limited sued the owners of the coffee company Grenade for  exceeding an agreement over the cat's image. The company only had rights  to use the cat to sell its "Grumppuccino" iced drinks, but sold other  products featuring the feline's sour expression as well. 

Grumpy Cat  herself made a brief appearance during the January trial, but was not  present for the verdict. Her owner Tabatha Bundesen quit her waitressing  job Red Lobster back in 2012 after the feline went viral. Grumpy Cat  Limited, which produces various items bearing the cat's likeness, is  believed to have made anywhere from $1 million to $100 million so far.

Source:  Chicago Tribune