Side Effects of Fast Food

We all like to indulge in some fries every once in a while, but  as tempting as fast food may be when you’re in a hurry or low on cash,  there’s a downside to that dollar menu. Eating fast food isn’t good for  you and when you hear what it does to your body, that extra value meal  might not be so appealing.

  • Increased risk of depression - According to a 2012 study,  people who eat more fast food and “consumer baked goods” are 51% more  likely to be depressed. They’re also more likely to be single, less  active and work over 45 hours a week.
  • Increased risk of cancer - Research shows a link  between fast food and various cancers and that has a lot to do with the  fried foods they serve. High-temperature frying can change the food,  producing chemicals that can damage DNA.
  • Your memory suffers - A study from the University  of California’s Brain Injury Research Center found that some lab rats  who ate a fast food diet ended up with lower levels of a chemical that  protects brains from memory loss and dementia.
  • It messes with your skin - The grease, the chocolate milkshakes, and the salt don’t exactly bring out the glow in your complexion.
  • You’re eating plastics - A recent study  found that eating fast food increases your exposure to phthalates, a  chemical that leaches into food from plastic gloves, containers, and  conveyor belts. Not only is that gross, those chemicals can also mess  with your hormones and lower sperm count.
  • It gives you bad breath - People who eat fast food  more than three times a week are 15% more likely to have stinky breath.  Researchers think it could be from an increased risk of cavities and also acid reflux that comes from eating so much junk food.

Source: Hello Giggles