Chrissy Tiegen's Toilet MIA

The funniest things always happen to Chrissy Teigen. Early Thursday  morning, the pregnant 32-year-old model revealed on Twitter that she ran  home having to pee, only to find that the toilet in her bathroom had  gone missing. "I got home today and ran to go pee pee," she tweeted.  "You know when you're so close to the bathroom so you kind of release  because you know you're about to pee? 

Well, I did that and my toilet was  gone." She then offered photographic proof of the missing toilet,  prompting Questlove to tweet, "Where's @chrissyteigen's toilet?" Husband  John Legend then jumped in to explain. "We're upgrading our regular  toilet to one of those fancy Japanese ones that opens itself and washes  your butt. Apparently our contractor decided there should be a  toilet-less transition period." When a fan feared they'd have nowhere to  relieve themselves, Legend replied, "We have other bathrooms!"

Source:  People