Same Day Target Delivery Coming Soon

We’ve come to depend on Amazon Prime for shipping us anything we need  in two days and it has really saved us. But get ready for that  convenience to be blown away by none other than your favorite store -  Target. Yes, Target is starting their own super-speedy shipping, with  the launch of a same-day service.

Target announced on its website that beginning in February, we can stock up on all the toothpaste, razors, and groceries we need using the Shipt app.  And instead of using a distribution center to ship the goods, an  in-store shopper will put together the order and it’ll be delivered to  you within hours!

The same-day delivery service will start in Alabama, Florida,  Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee, but Target plans to  expand to about half of their stores within the next few months.  Birmingham, Alabama and South Florida are reported to be the first areas  to get the service on February 1st.

Source: Elle Decor