How to Make Extra Cash Online

We’re young and broke. That’s just the way it is in our 20s, right?  So we’re always looking for a side hustle or two to get the cash, well…flowing. It’s rough out here! Which is why these ideas for how to make money using the Internet are truly something to consider:


  • Go on jury duty – It’s not fun when your FORCED to  do it, but maybe CHOOSING to do it could be a little more bearable. Not  to mention, get you extra cash.
  • Join a focus group – People are always looking for people to test out their products. Get in there and make some extra dough!
  • Get multilingual – If you speak another language, you can look through Upwork for translation jobs.
  • Become a transcriptionist – There are a bunch of jobs that require you to just listen and type what you hear. Simple enough!
  • Rent your parking space – If you have a parking space that you’re not using, there are plenty of people that probably want it.
  • Get into data entry – Kind of like transcribing for people, but typing what you see instead.
  • Sell your stuff – There are people all over Craigslist and Ebay just WAITING to take your old stuff off of you for cash.


There are a ton of side hustles you can find online with just a  little searching power. The world is at our fingertips these days. Let’s  get out there and pay our rents!