Schools Closing Due to Flu

As the flu gets deadlier and more widespread, schools are taking the added step of closing to keep kids healthy.

With the virus widespread across the country, the CDC says 39 states  have especially high activity. Schools in 12 of those states are now  taking action. The centers for learning are closing and disinfecting the  buildings.

In one Dallas school, over 10-percent of the 815 students had the  flu. So the school shut down. "It has been a tough influenza season so  far this year," said Dr. Daniel Jernigan of the CDC. While the H3N2 strain is targeting the elderly, others are making kids the number one victim of flu season.

It’s not too late to get that flu shot, especially for your child.  Masks are also recommended. Hospitals are taking the extra step of  restricting visitors and telling parents not to bring children to the  facilities. Source: CBS News