Cold Temps And An Illness May Mar The Start Of The Olympics

Organizers  of the South Korea Winter Olympics that open Friday are scrambling as  fears about norovirus has sidelined more than a thousand private  security staffers.

South Korean military personnel are providing security while the  private staff undergo medical tests. Norovirus is highly contagious and  causes symptoms that include stomach cramps and vomiting. Officials  don’t want a repeat of last year’s World Athletics Championship in  London, when several athletes became ill and had to miss competitions.  The virus there spread through one hotel.

Organizers also are worried about a cold snap that's moving in.  Temperatures are staying below freezing during the day and falling below  zero at night. Some people are cancelling their tickets for Friday  night's opening ceremony. Competitions may also be affected by weather  as events like ski jumping can’t take place in high winds. Wind screens  are now being installed to prevent that.

A special bag with hot packs, seatwarmers, a blanket, a hat and a  windbreaker would be distributed to spectators in an effort to keep them  warm at the start of what could turn out to be the coldest winter  Olympics in decades.

Source: Guardian