To Do Apps to Help Keep You Organized

If you need a little organization in your life, maybe it’s time that  you looked into keeping detailed to-do lists. It’s super helpful when  you have a million things to do and remember at once to keep lists, and  there are some apps that can really help you. Here are the best:


  • Remember the Milk – This is good for linking all of your reminders across your devices.
  • Wunderlist – A simple lists app.
  • do – Plan out tasks WAY in advance and see it all in a calendar.
  • Evernote – Complete with the ability to create multiple notebooks and insert files.
  • Clear – Color coded lists, anyone?
  • Google Keep – Organize your lists by location, color, or with photos.
  • OmniFocus – Location based reminders and setting up different projects.


Why keep up with the world of sticky notes when you can have an app in your phone do all of the work for you?


Source: PopSugar