Dunkin' Donuts to Switch to Enviro Friendly Cups

If you’re one of the folks who enjoys the foam cups Dunkin'  Donuts pours their caffeinated goodness into, you’re out of luck. At  least, you will be after 2020. The company has announced it's replacing  them with a new, double-walled paper cup.

Noting the push to get rid of foam because of environmental concerns  to marine life and other animals that ingest it, the chain says it will  begin phasing out foam cups in its global supply chain beginning in the  spring.

Not everyone’s happy about it however.  While some folks took to the Twitterverse to bust on the company for  not doing this sooner, others were upset for other reasons. “This is  such a lie, writes Stephanie Schneider. “My local DD got some of these cups and they are almost too hot to hold.”

  • This follows McDonald's announcement last month that they’d would  only use recycled or other materials friendly to the environment for its  soda cups, Happy Meal boxes and other packaging by 2025.

Source: Dunkin’ Donuts