Tequila Shortage May Be Coming

Brace yourselves, folks: we could be facing a tequila shortage.  An agave shortage in the heartland of tequila country and growing  demand from around the world has producers worried. The price of Agave  tequilana, the spikey succulent used to make the booze, has shot up  six-fold over the past two years, making it harder for the smaller  distillers now and it could eventually affect big players, too.

Without enough mature plants to make agave for tequila, some farmers  are using immature plants instead to compensate. It takes seven or eight  years for the agave plants to reach maturity and younger plants produce  less tequila, so more plants have to be used and it creates a downward  spiral.

Tequila industry experts warn that the early harvesting will result  in a worse shortage in 2018 and will probably continue until 2021, when  improved planting strategies will have helped. So stock up now. Cheers.

Source: New York Post